Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Winter Bike Shootout Take 2

This is a followup to my last Winterbike Shootout. Using the same bikes on the same trails I decided to take a second datapoint.  The trails this time were definitely faster with hard packed late winter conditions.  I changed the order too.

Day 1: Monday, GT Sensor 1.0.  The trails were prime for a studded trail bike and it showed.  I turned in my fastest time ever on the Lower Log Downhill segment.

Day 2: Tuesday, Surly Pugsley.  I wont lie, the fatbike is growing on me.  The stability and traction over the rutted trails is comforting.  I was able to beat my yesterdays time on Lower Log today on this bike.

Day 3: Wednsday, GT Sensor 9er Expert.  Again, I felt the most vulnerable sitting high up on this big hooped horse.  The trail conditions had deteriorated somewhat through melting.  BUT, this bike did deliver the fastest time and I tied yesterdays KOM on Lower Log.  By the last segment my legs were unable to keep up the pace for the whole thing.  It's not that I don't like the 9er.  In the summer it can be my bike of choice.

Results:  All bikes performed similarly.  The slowest was the Pugsley at an average speed of 10.3mph.  If the weight was similar to the other bikes I thing that would have been closer.  The second fastest bike at 10.5mph was the Sensor 1.0.  Again, this bike was fun to ride.  In an unexpected upset, the Sensor 9er came in at 10.8mph with deteriorating trails and tired legs.  Of the 3 it was the least stable bike with the least traction.  I may have been pushing harder because I haven't decided to do a shootout until I started riding this bike.

The Winner: I'm going to have to give it tot the sensor again today. With the right combination of fun and speed.  If the conditions had been different the results would be too.
2010 GT Sensor 1.0

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