Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Bikes in Five Days

The stars were aligned and the conditions were right.
Five bikes came out to see first morning light.

Monday: After riding the fatbike almost exclusively for 2 months I was itching to get a trail bike out.  The forecast was for very cold and I was hopeful.  The 29er was near the front of the heap so that's the one I tried.  The ride in wasn't great but not bad.  I was confined to the roads on the way home but at least the lake was solid enough to ride.
I am pointing out the sun.

Tuesday: After Monday's recon mission I decided I'd go back to the fatbike which worked much better.  Great ride.  Again I rode mostly roads home 'cause the trails were really soft.  Riding along and suddenly sink to the axle soft.
Sunrises Abound

Wednesday: After months of consistent below freezing temps, this was the first day I felt comfortable taking a road bike out.  It wasn't my fastest road bike but a road bike non-the-less.  The ride in was nice, the ride home was a headwind from hell.
I didn't stop to take a picture

Thursday: After 1 day of above freezing temps, the roads had plenty of black ice from thwaed snowbanks re-freezing on the road.  The studded winter road commuter came out to play.  The ride in was nice.  The ride home sucked hard.  It was only 28 degrees but I think it may have felt like my coldest ride yet.
I also didn't stop to take a picture but I got one enroute

Friday: After 2 days on the roads I was ready for some more fun.  The temp had dropped and the trails were fun and fast with a few ruts that made the ass pucker.  The kind where the front wheel is turned but it's still traveling straight and your sphincter grabs the seat in an effort for more control.  No mishaps and the trails were fast!  I rode my trusty GT Sensor, "Trusty".  Given a weeks worth of crappy return trips I'm thinking that carpooling is in order tonight.
Judging by these photos we've had a pretty good week!

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