Thursday, March 5, 2015

More Deer

Still no sunrises to take pictures of but there are plenty of deer around.  Every day I see between 10 and 40.  Of course getting a good picture of them is a little harder.  Maybe I need to start riding with one of these around my neck.  Nikon 83X Megazoom.  I could get a picture of deer from my armchair with a zoom like that.

Did you hear something?

I call this one Snow Face


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  2. I've hardly seen a single living thing here in the woods all winter....definitely looking forward to the world coming alive again in a few weeks, that's for damned sure!

  3. Nice shots! They are so much easier to see with a partially white background. I've noticed that the forest is coming alive with birds. The sign that spring is right around the corner.

  4. This one area that I ride has a herd of deer every year. They seem pretty healthy with a lot of yearlings this year.

  5. Sometimes I feel sorry for deer. In that, they will never know what its like to ride a bicycle.