Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Experiment

The short version:
Donate a measly 5 Bucks To A Good Cause and if I hit my target I'll ride this century in a sea of carbon fiber road bikes on my mountain bike. And give you positive rep or course.  Yes, you can buy a reputation.

The Long Version:
This is an experiment to see how much reach the MTBR forum really has. I hang out on more than I should admit.  Most of you only know my for my pictures of snow covered lakes and trails or my accounts of how hot/cold/wet/windy/fun/crappy the days commute was.  I thought it would be fun to see if I could get a significant amount of people to donate  $5 (of course more would be great).  As an incentive I'll do the 100 miles on a mountain bike if I can get to some targets.  If I raise $5000 (Sale Price $2500) I'll ride my 1994 Bridgestone MB-3, old,  heavy,  steel mountain bike.  If I raise $10,000 (Sale Price $5000)I'll do the ride on my FS GT Sensor.  If I do I'm going to stick out like a sore thumb.  It might be a good way to draw attention MTBR.COM.  I did the ride 2 years ago on my vintage road bike and I think my bike was the only one in the pack of about 1000 road bikes that wasn't made of carbon.  I've done the century twice but my longest ride on a mountain bike is about 60 far.

After you donate you can add your name or use your MTBR handle - I added, MTBR at the end of mine.  You can dedicate your donation to somebody you know/knew with cancer.  Click on any of the donation links for an example. 

Best Case:
I've raised a lot of money for a good cause.  MTBR gets some exposure.  I ride the century on a full suspension MTB.

Worst Case:
 Nobody bothers.

The Cause:
The century ride is in Maine to benefit The Patric Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing.  The center basically provides free support to people and families dealing with cancer.100% of the money donated goes to the cause.  It's a good thing.

The Disclaimer:
You are donating the money to the Patrick Dempsey center in good faith.  The donation is non-refundable even if for some reason I can't do the ride as planned.  But I plan to.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It's been a few days since my last post and I have the urge to say it has been somewhat uneventful.  However, compared to the mundane drive to work riding the trails really has a lot of stories to tell.  Since my last post I've:
  • Participated in an impromptu front tire wash while crossing a frozen stream.

  • Seen a herd of 50 or so deer.
  • Got 7 hours of exercise.
  • Saved about $30 in gas.
  • Been photographed by somebody I don't even know during a snowstorm and posted to Facebook.
  • And generally done some fun trail riding.

All doing something I have to do every day.