Sunday, March 22, 2015

Riders from different groups collide; not literally

So it was the second day of spring.  That means, time for a winter bike ride. Normally you don't associate spring with 12 degrees and 2 feet of snow still on the ground but that's what we've got.  5 of us joined together to explore some trails that none of us had ever fully ridden and the result was awesomeness! 

Here's a not terribly exciting video of the event but some footage none-the-less. 

After the first 10 miles we got back to the car and only 2 of us remained for the last loop.  Luckily, this also meant that there was a Mukluk available to try.  It definitely had a sportier feel than the Pigsley with quite a bit of understeer (oversteer?) I can never remember.  Given a choice of the 2 I'd probably pick the Muckluk but it wasn't enough to push me into the must-buy category. 
Identities being preserved through the use if silhouette
 FYI Ted, it looks like you made the right choice not to ski Sugarloaf today.

Hill Bombing

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