Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

Just a few weeks ago I was posting pictures of fall colors.

Magic Morning

This Trail Says: "Ride Me"
Traffic Jam on the Way to Work
Escape Velocity

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Got the Crash on the New Bike Out of the Way Early

When I get a new mountain bike I have to crash it.  I don't prefer it but it just happens.  It happened on my Fatboy on the first ride.  This time it took about Five.

The New Bike
Luckily before that I got to ride part way with my wife, check out some new trails and get a decent fall ride in.

A Mouse Took this Picture
Fall Color is Holding on Tight

Built trails at Libby Hill - Not where I crashed.

It Looks Less Scary In This Picture

I crashed in the woods.  A pedal strike on a rock buried in leaves stopped the bike but not me.  OTB and into a tree.  I wasn't going fast but my inability to take a deep breath makes me think there was a rib involved.  Turning over in bed takes time.  Riding to work the next day confirmed it.  Any effort that got me breathing over a moderate rate felt like a knife stabbing me in the side.

I'm pretty disappointed that I won't may not be able to race on Sunday.

Oh, and after the crash I pinch flatted on the way out of the woods with a mile to go.