Friday, January 8, 2016

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

When you start your day with an almost 2 hour fatbike ride through dense snow with plenty of walking...
at least you should get a sunrise with a moon and planet.
Oooooooo Ahhhhhhhh & Ice

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Year End Review 2015

6416 miles!  My biggest year to date!  It's been another stellar year of biking.  I made no promises not to buy any new bikes and I didn't not, not keep them.  Too bad the bike I replaced was my favorite one but the new one is even better!

First New Bike Of 2016
My good deed of buying my wife new bikes last year paid off because this year it was my turn.  My fatbike lost 10 lbs!
2nd New Bike of 2016

I signed up for VeloViewer which made it pretty easy to come up with how many miles I road each bike (Because it does it for you).  If you like Strava I'd highly recommend VeloViewer.
If you actually care about the miles on each bike you can click on it and make it bigger.
Strava also helped make the year end review thing easier by making a cheesy video of it.

Biking Events this year included the usual suspects.
  • Moose Brook Fatbike Race
  • Mainly Fatty Fatbike Race
  • The Great Adventure Tri
  • Not Dead Yet Ride
  • The Loon Echo Trek
  • The Dempsey Challenge
  • Libby's Dually
I also clocked in my longest ride ever in 2016.  133 miles of cold drear on The Dempsey Challenge.  

Of course 2015 was an odd numbered year so out of obligation I crashed on the day after Christmas.  Or, "I fell off my bike". That's a tradition I should try to drop.

But there's more.  OK, technically it happened in 2016 but by the 2016 year end review my moment of "fame" will be long forgotten and probably the link won't work.  The interview was in 2015.  So what happened?  I got in the paper! 

What will 2016 bring?  Let's find out.  I know I'm planning my biggest climb ever while Kelly tortures herself doing an Ironman.  Whiteface Mountain.  Bring It!