Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

Nice fall colors today.  It's too bad that the camera can't capture them as vivid as they were.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Downeast Cyclocross 2012

I'd have to admit I was a little intimidated to try this race after watching it the day before.  $45 and a minor injury later here I am after riding a test lap.  Armed with a bike that is capable of doing this race but not the most competitive.  I'm a little worried about my Nashbar Comfort Road Road Tires.  They look like a small block off road tire so what the heck!

20 minutes later here I am.  I'm the one ALL the way at the beck of the pack to the very right of the picture.
 I'd have to say this was one of the most difficult events I've participated in...and one of the most satisfying.

At this point I've started to get a little muddy.

OK, more than started.

 Three laps and about 8.5 miles of grass, mud pits, roots, and huffing and puffing I'm at the finish.

 Actually pretty glad they called it before I had to put in another lap.  Finished 18 out of about 32 in my category and got to pass a few more, life it good..
Videos to come?

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Dempsey Challenged

Thank You 
To all of those who donated to the cause.  In all I raised $1220 + $75 entry fee and Kelly raised $275 + $75.  The total amount raised through this event was over $1,200,000.

The combination of the cold weather and a heavy bike made this a challenging century for me.  After waking up at 4:45 we made it to the start where it was 38 degrees and raining.  The first 10 miles were soggy but not too bad. By mile 70 I was feeling pretty cooked, sore knees, tired muscles and some cramping legs but they had hot chicken broth at the rest stop.  After 2 cups of that I was ready to go.  I finished in about 7 hours with 6 1/5 hours of riding time. 

Kelly did the 50 mile ride like a champ.  Without much previous training she finished strong.

The following is a sad and heartwarming story that came out a few days before the challenge.  It sums up what The Dempsey Center is all about.  Angela Black had breast cancer and was planning on doing the Dempsey Challenge this year before she died of cancer on August 16. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

The extra climb up Tarklin Hill Road was worth it.

Egypt road had an interesting look to it too.

The colors along "the meadow" are nice.