Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wearing Out the Dogs

If you have young dogs you understand that the best thing to keep a dog out of trouble is keeping them well exercised! Surprisingly enough mountain biking is my favorite way to do that.
It may not look it, but these dogs are frickin excited.
 It certainly is easier to grab a bike and go without worrying about which roads you may cross or who you are going to encounter on the trail but the dogs really love to get out and run.  I'm hoping that the obedience training that we are starting tomorrow will lead to better voice control over them so we can expand our trail network.  Right now they are actually pretty good at coming when you call...except when they don't.

About 1 hour of riding condensed into  less than 2 minutes.

We discovered the Dog Not Gone vests last year during hunting season but found that they work great for dogs that blend into the forest floor any time of the year.  In the winter it helps them not get run over by snowmobiles that are usually going about 2x faster than the trail allows.
They came home and told mom all about it.

And then they rested!
Unfortunately the the period of bliss only lasts about a day and then they casually start looking for ways to get into trouble like chewing my favorite pair of gloves.  You've got to love dogs.


  1. I take me dog out on the trails sometimes, mostly when he's got a lot of energy and I'm too lazy to go running with him. He likes to run ahead when I'm on the bike, which is nice because otherwise he is stopping to sniff everything.

  2. Our dogs almost always have a lot of energy. They run ahead, behind, beside. It's good for the braking reflexes.