Sunday, March 29, 2015

Awesome, Just Awesome

Just returned from a 20+ mile fatbike ride with friends on one of the best trail condition days of the season.  We started out across a lake.
Followed the pipeline to what we thought was the trail to Hackers Hill.  It didn't really matter that we didn't know where we were going because the trails were perfect.

Got a little lost and then road mostly free-range through the woods to the top of not Hackers Hill.  In the interest of time we abandon the Hackers Hill idea but did  take a side detour to the top of a scenic lookout and proceeded to take pictures about 1000' before we got to the scenic and/or lookout part.
Not The Top of Hackers Hill

Not the Scenic Lookout Either
Our Bikes At The Scenic Lookout on the Top of Hackers Hill

The Lake Was a Challenge for Anybody Without Studded Tires


What?  You're taking a picture?

Makes You Feel Kinda Small, we just came from that lump in the background.


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