Monday, February 19, 2018

Amundsen Fat Bike Dash 2018

Rock hard icy trails with 5-6" of snow on top.  Fatbiking is a fickle beast.  I was thinking that this race would be a drag race for the fittest of the fit.  But the snow on top changed the game.  I've tried to do this race in the past but it was "iced out" last year.  Thanks to Norway Winter Carnival, Western Foothills Land Trust, Roberts Farm Preserve, Green Machine Bike Shop, Norway Brewing Company  and everybody else that helped to make it possible. 
Learning my lesson not to start too far back. (OK, it looks like I am in the third row) Photo thanks to Norway Winter Carnival

Hills, this course had some hills (both up and down).  The uphills were hard but not too technical.  Being able to navigate the downhills without eating snow was what it was all about.   It really was a great day for a race.  The 10K format made it mostly a sprint event.  I held back at the start so as not to get caught up too much in the slippage and minor crashing.

Uphill #x of 16
Really, look at the profile of this segment, just a few hills.  The name of the game was to peddle strong and not wash out.   I was able to pick off some people one by one both on the hills and when they slipped out around corners.
Panting like a dog I'm sure.
 My wife joined up too!

Having Fun
Maybe panting like a dog.

But really, fatbiking is really that much fun. (maybe she just realized that she made 1st)
I held on for a 4th place finish overall.  If I had known that the guy I was following was in 3rd I would have stepped it up but I really had no idea. My wife finished 1st in the 5K group.
Finish Face

All photos  thanks to Carl Costanzi