Monday, July 6, 2015

Forty On The Forth

 The family commitments can wait, we're going for the first annual 40 on the 4th ride. And ride we did, 40 miles in fact with a red-white-and-blue theme.  I opted for the color coordinated Viva Sport. John brought the flags.  Five of the Raymond Riders headed out for mellow spin to pre-burn all of the 4th of July calories about to be consumed.  (I'm not sure I was successful) Our ride ended up at the tail end of a parade that was taking place on our street.  We fit right in.

I call that a "Flag Pole"

Awarded for the most patriotic cycling jersey
She should have rode her fatbike because it is red and white

The Candid Cyclist
Parade Material


  1. Looks like a fun 4th, glad to see the Univega is still rocking!

  2. The good old Univega works like a cycling governor, keeps my speed in check on the social group rides.