Friday, July 17, 2015

Funny Story

Last night I found a smartphone on my ride, fully charged and operational.  Dozens of calls had been made just hours before. 

I should have taken a picture but it looked exactly like this, slightly more scuffed.
So I called the # titled "Ma".  Before I even got the name of the owner (Skip) I got a very detailed set of directions to his house using landmarks only, no road names.  Just a lot of references to a weird looking church.  Somehow I also got information on where the guy grew up (Naples, ME.  The house on the corner of Gore Rd if you need to know, I didn't.  They built the house, by the way.), when his son's birthday party was (Sunday, at the house I have directions to now)... Ma was a talker.  After she realized that I wasn't going to give up my night to drive/ride 15 miles one way to return the phone to someone I don't hardly know, Ma decided to drive 45 minutes to his house to give him my number.  Once she got there and he wasn't there she called me and had the idea that I could call his girlfriends number (which she didn't have).  I would have tried to gain this information in the earlier but it seemed like it might take a long time to get around to it.  I found 2 numbers in the contacts that matched the girlfriends name.  Luckily I got the right girlfriend. Left a message.  A little later I get a call with a slightly accusatory tone, like I stole the phone.  OK, maybe he was freaking out.  He quickly realized that I actually rescued it from the road and saved it's precious contacts from being run over by a dump truck...

Anyway, long story slightly short, he was boating on a nearby lake and stopped by and got his phone.  Reward?  I'm still waiting.  His gratitude was rewarding enough.  But I would have taken some beer money.

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