Thursday, June 25, 2015

Workday Century

With sunrise around 5:00AM and Sunset around 8:22 PM I got the idea that I could ride a century on a work day.  So I did.

Up at 4:15 and out the door at 4:30, I started with some lights.  My general plan was to ride to Portland.  By Sunrise I had made it to the boat launch in Standish.  It was a chilly start!

Sunrise at Sebago
 I got it in my head that I should see how many towns I cloud hit on my ride.  I ended up with
 Raymond, Windham, Standish, Gorham, Scarborough, South Portland, Portland, Falmouth, Cumberland, North Yarmouth & Gray for the morning commute and a total mileage of 58 miles.  Only 10 minutes late to my desk.  Work was like a 9 hour rest stop with some programming requirements.

I must say, my legs were a little tired when I threw a leg over the bike in the afternoon.  The first 10 miles (away from home) were OK and then the HEADWIND kicked in to quickly suck the life from my muscles.  Other than the wind, the day was amazing.  I debated my sanity and turning home early but quitting isn't my thing so I pressed on.  I told myself I had to make it to Mechanic falls before I could have a snack.

Mechanic Falls Snack Spot
Once I got some food in me I felt better...for about 30 seconds and then I realized that I was still tired.  At least the wind had died down.  I picked up Gray, New Gloucester, Pownal, Durham, Auburn, Minot, Poland. Mechanic Falls, Casco, Raymond and 50 miles for the ride home.  I was back by 8:06.  I didn't need those extra 16 minutes of daylight at all.

 I don't think I'm in the shape I thought I was in.  I've done a half a dozen centuries and that one took a lot out of me.  But I did ride though 19 unique towns in 108 miles and still went to work.  What a commute.


  1. Most Exceptional! You didn't even know that you were going to feel perky for your ride in the morning. Maybe I'll try it someday! Maybe not. :)

  2. Awesome Brian!!!!! Love your posts!!!