Monday, July 20, 2015

Jugtown Forest Is Made For Fatbikeing in Maine

We thought we were doomed when we saw the signs for the ATV club poker run pointing in the direction we were planning on riding.  Especially since I think the only things 4-wheelers are good for are hauling a deer out of the woods and totally destroying any trail system they travel on.  And it wasn't hunting season.  Actually, Jugtown Forest is a pretty good place for ATVs.  The trails are largely sand which seems to make them somewhat self repairing.  All of the people we met on the poker run were out there having a good time.  It was all good.

Could not wipe the smile off her face
 There had been some intense thunderstorms the night before so early on we had committed to getting muddy.  Once you commit the rest is easy.
People may or may not have fallen over in these puddles.
 We had 2 hours to ride and made our way around the perimeter, 13.5 miles in all.  There are plenty of interior trails that I plan to go back and explore.  Other nice features include a brook near the parking area, good for rinsing off.  There are probably some adjoining trails that go to the crooked river but we didn't have time to find them.
Typical Sandy Trails

Again with the Smile
 My drivetrain was shifting like crap by the end of the ride and here's why.
Obligatory Mud Picture #1

Obligatory Mud Picture #2

Obligatory Mud Picture #3

Obligatory Mud Picture #4
So if you are looking for a place to fatbike near the Sebago Lake area, give it a try.  There is probably less joy on a bike with skinnier tires due to the miles of sand.


  1. I smiled the whole freaking day! Life is good! Fun pics!

  2. Would a pair of fat fenders have reduced some of your collateral mud collecting? I just rode a fat bike for the first time last weekend, and downhill those things are a blast. Climbs are not as much fun, but not nearly as bad as I anticipated.

    1. They would either help or make the bike 10 lbs heavier going up hills by the end of the ride. I still want a lighter fatbike.

    2. Have you considered filling those enormous tires with helium? "Floating" over obstacles might take on a new meaning!

  3. Just another fun day on the bike for the Edwards, mud and all!! What's not to smile about!!!!!