Friday, September 2, 2016

Team Edwards Needs Your Help!

I've done The Dempsey Challenge every year since it started.  Since then with your donations I've personally raised $9510 for that cause.  Kelly has also done it as either a run or a ride and raised several thousand.  My goal has always been to raise enough to get the Dempsey Challenge cycling Jersey for raising $1000.  In the past few years we started participating in the Fight Back Festival which supports the Cancer Community Center in Portland.  The Dempsey Center and the Cancer Community Center offer nearly identical services for people struggling with cancer.  One center services Lewiston/Auburn and the other Portland.  The CCC doesn't have a pretty movie star promoting the event so it doesn't get the press of The Dempsey Challenge but it is equally important.  As much as I would love to get my 8th Dempsey Challenge jersey, I don't really need one.  Kelly and I do both need to meet some minimum fundraising goals for each entry so please click on the links below and donate to the cause you feel most strongly about.  If you hail from the LA area or just like the way Patrick looks, then pick the Dempsey.  If you've got kin in Portland then the CCC/FBF is the one to support.  If you just want to support me or Kelly, click on our links and make sure we've got to our minimum.
(Update: We have both reached all of our minimums!!  So, still feel free to donate to whatever cause and person you like.  But, if your undecided, pick my Dempsey Page.  I wouldn't mind collecting the complete set of Challenge riding shirts. And I control the blog.)

Physically we're ready for the challenge!   The first year I did The Dempsey Challenge I did the 50 mile option because I wasn't sure I was up for the 100.  8 years later I have already done twelve 100+ mile rides this year.  So far these have been unsupported rides, no rest stops every 12 miles with food and water.  The Dempsey Challenge is going to be a cake walk (whatever that actually means).  Scroll down in my blog to see posts about most if not all of them.

Kelly completed her first Ironman.  (notice I said first) Still, don't expect her to run a marathon after she finishes the Dempsey ride, we'll be eating cold lobster and heating our frozen hands up with hot potatoes.

And now I present to you dozens of pictures of "Team Edwards" in action in no particular order.  Celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and over 20 years together we've never been stronger!

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