Sunday, September 18, 2016


Get it? (Hint: it's a Loon Echo)
Spoiler Alert: We finished
 I had thoughts about skipping this ride due to a toothache that has been one of the more painful experiences of my life including broken bones and surgeries. Off to the endontist on Monday, I hope.

But, that's not the story here.  I decided to ride.

I had told my wife that I'd ride with her.  Well, it wasn't 15 minutes into the ride that I chased down some of the local race guys and considered going for speed.  NO,  that is exactly what happened last year so I let them go and went with plan A.  Plan A was to ride with her but go hard on some Strava segments to keep myself entertained.  
Waiting at the first rest stop to ride together
 My wife was a little skeptical at first that I'd be satisfied riding at her pace for 100 miles but I was determined to enjoy the ride and kick ass on some hills. Racing up ahead for some sections let me get some shots of her on the course.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Beautiful Country Roads

Beautiful Country Wife

Maybe I need to ride with a selfie stick, can you see the swollen jaw?
I seem to get a lot of pictures on green bridges.
Androscoggin River

I did get to the top o' the notch with some time to spare to take a picture
High Five Bro, Note the inverse "13" bib number.

All and all it was a great day!  Another good ride for Team Edwards.  Which reminds me, there is less than 1 week to donate to the Cancer Community Center Ride and only 2 weeks to donate to The Dempsey Challeng.  Both of us still need to raise a little more cash before the end of the week. 

Please consider donating.

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