Monday, August 29, 2016

I've Never Been To Harpswell Before

And I don't think I need to go back.  No offense to the fine Massachusetts residents of Harpswell.  I road to the end to a place called Potts Point Preserve. Which seemed to be a little overrated.  The Brochure indicated swimming.  Maybe if you are a crab, because the shoreline was sharp rocks with lots of attached seaweed.  Mostly, it is a private road leading to the preserve and the residents, rightly so, don't want the masses parking on their lawns.  So I'm not going back out of respect for the residents.  Which incidentally all seem to be people from Massachusetts looking for a place to spend all their extra money.  And I say that because the starting price for a waterfront lot is around $400,000 A F---ING LOT. And at least half the cars in the driveways I passed had Mass plates. OK, I'll stop being negative.  Potts Point was a fine place to walk around but there are thousands of other destinations that might be better.
Welcome to Potts Point Preserve

My Garmin said I was at 140' below sea level when I got there.  It must have been because it was low tide
My Wife Said
To Take A Lot
Of Pictures
So I Did.
After a quick snack and a 250' stroll I headed back.  I was excited because I had battled a headwind all the way out.  Not so fast, still a good cross wind on the way back.  I was leaving Harpswell neck at about mile 60 with 2 empty water bottles.  I had crossed paths with the Farm to Fork Fondo back in Pownal and knew that it started around Wolf's Neck Farm.  I decided to see if I could bandit one of the rest stops for a water refill.  I found the last stop on the short course and told them I wasn't part of the ride but needed some water.  They said they were just closing up and to take any food or drink that I wanted.  Score!  That Fondo may be on my list for next year because the food at the rest stops was top notch! 

From there I decided that I'd follow the course back toward the finish to see if I could catch up with some friends that were riding.  As it turns out, they were the very first group of cyclists I past out of over 500.  What are the chances?  I finished the last 5 or so miles of the ride with them.  The announcer at the finish announced everybody's name as they finish but just had a funny look on his face when I went through.  I declined the finisher's medal at the end too but helped myself at the sponsor tables.

With a belly full of Gu Recovery Drink (I know I had more to ride but it's mostly marketing, it was hydrating and pretty tasty) I was on my way.  I never really got the tailwind I was looking for.  No, it was mostly of the head variety.  By mile 90 I was pretty much drained so I stopped at the orchard to re-fuel with some apples and get a drink.  Most notably, apples are ready; in August!  I bought 2 apples and a cold Poland Spring water for a buck!  I asked if they had tap-water available and they were in the process of having it tested but the owner offered me a second water for riding 90 miles already!  Therefore, I highly recommend taking a trip to the Orchard Hill Farm, very nice owners that not only saved the old T&T orchard from being developed but are planting more trees.

A welcome break with nice owners.
Slightly refreshed I went on to finish the ride.  I met yet another cycling friend on the way and finally got my tailwind for the last 8 miles.  Good thing 'cause this body was done.

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