Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bad Luck?

So for last weekend's ride I got #13.  Per tradition I wore it upside-down.  Then, 2 days later I had an emergency tooth extraction as the first step in treating an infected cheek/jaw.  I was out of work for 2 days and the ones I was there for, getting to the end was a challenge.  Having a tooth extracted out of an infected jaw involves them breaking it into pieces and prying it out while you listen.  My preference would have been to be "asleep" for the event, no such luck.  Those tooth breaking sounds!
Yeah, probably coincidence.  My tooth was already killing me before last weekend.  

So for this week's ride I get:

Number of the BEAST
Party On Garth

I'm not wearing that number upside-down.  Anyway, when I looked at it I saw 999 which apparently means that angles are contacting me.  Crap, I didn't think the infection had got that bad.
I may have been a little late to start

Once I got on the bike the ride went pretty good!  For about 3 hours I almost forgot how my head was throbbing and muscle memory took over the fatigue.  I rode the first 11 miles in a pack, 8-10 alone and the rest with one other rider.  We'll call him Dan; because I think that was his name.  I know it was 3 letters long with a vowel in the middle. ( I should remember it, I blame the antibiotic)

Kelly had a great run despite having a cold coming on.  2nd overall female, we think.

Team Edwards raised $345 for this event!

Bad Luck?  No.  I'll take an infected tooth over a cancer diagnoses.


  1. I just spent way too much time sifting through the very small stock of mathematical formula's in my brain trying to figure out what pun you were making when you said the ANGLES were trying to contact you. I though, Brian is an engineer. Surely he is referring to some magical combination of the numbers '13' and '666' to extend the metaphor beyond their dark associations and into the realm of quantum mechanics. I added. I separated them. I ran them through quadratic equations. What ANGLE can he possibly be referring to? And then, very slowly, it dawned on me that you had misspelled ANGELS. My lessons for today 1. I should stick to my own discipline; and 2. I have been married to Mark so long that my brain is now taking side trips along with his. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I am not a cyclist and still love your posts!

    1. When angles are angels even spell check can't fix fat fingers. You could have clicked on the link. I could go back and spell it right but I like angles.

  2. Replies
    1. F2X Cross bike with 28C road tires.

    2. That's why I'm lusting over the F1. I had the F4X before this one.