Monday, August 8, 2016

Around About 40 Lakes and a Visit With Grandmother

Every long ride needs a theme, right?  No, not really but most of my weekend centuries lately have had some kind of goal.  It's been a while since I visited my grandmother so that was part of he plan.  She lives on the other side of Sebago lake from me so I was riding around one lake already which lead to the idea of how many lakes could I make it around.

Ironically I didn't go around this lake.
This was my 8th century weekend in a row and the 10th this year.  Riding for 6 hours gives the mind time to wander.  At one point I passed a vary handmade looking sign that said "Odd Jobs Wanted" so my mind immediately went to "I need a penguin circumcised"  That would definitely be an "odd" job.  I also never realized how close Norway and Sweden were.  I mean, I know they are both in Scandinavia but the Maine Towns only have Waterford between them which makes no sense because the countries Norway and Sweden abut with no water at all. Poland and Sweden should be separated by Waterford for this to make any sense at all.  And why is Paris next to Norway?
I stopped to take this picture and that's why I didn't get the KOM.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
My wife met me at Grandmothers and joined me for the last part of the ride,  not much else to say.

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