Sunday, July 31, 2016

4NaaP (4 Notches and a Pass)

For my 7th century weekend in a row I hooked up with a fast group out of southern mass for their annual (?) 4NaaP ride. The ride includes Kinsman Notch, Franconia Notch, Crawford Notch, Bear Notch and the Kancamagus Pass.  We started with the pass.
Top of Kinsman Notch

The weather was excellent, the views were spectacular and the hills were plenty.  On the ride down from Franconia Notch one of the riders hit a round stone in the road which knocked his wheel into the soft gravel where he promptly flipped over the bars to a sudden stop.  Luckily, he didn't suffer any major injuries and was even able to continue the ride.  He'll be even more sore than me the next day.
Not what you want to be doing on a group ride
 The rest of the ride was much less eventful with a few (too many) stops at stores for re-fueling. Our small group of 3 split off before the last stop for the the last climb up Bear Notch.  When the day started I had visions of climbing it in record time.  Now I just wanted to make it to the top.
Top of Bear Notch
I made it to the top 275th out of 1225 which was good enough for me.
I look happy because the last 10 miles are downhill
At the end of the ride I had averaged 19.3MPH for the 107 miles with 7000ft of climbing.  If I continue this century quest I might try to make next week's an easy one, maybe.


  1. That was a much shorter story than I expected.. and what about the other 43 miles?!

    1. Ohh wait.. I think I am off a week- I have to go back!