Monday, July 4, 2016

Don't Always Trust Route Builder

So the goal was to bike 60 miles to a birthday party about 55 miles away and back.

Actually it was Wiscasset but we came in the back way and didn't get a welcome.
I made a loop that was about 60 miles there and 56 miles back.  Normally I build the route by putting makers where I want to go and then dragging some points off major roads.  This time  I brought us through Lisbon Falls and up over the Kennebec River in Richmond.
This Bridge Will Be Torn Down Soon

This Mill Will Be Too
 Mission accomplished on staying off main roads. This road was not major and not even a road.  We turned onto "said" road, and after climbing 1/2 a mountain there was a "Dead End" sign.  We thought "A", why didn't they put that at the start of the road and "B" we've come all this way and if we go back we'll have to find a re-route and "C" The route builder said that it was a road.

Not even on a cross mountain bike.
Other than pushing our arrival time out about 40 minutes it was a very nice hike.  It's a good thing it hadn't rained because it would have been a stream.

The birthday party was good, we had 20 people in amazement that we could ride that long with the sequential questions from each one: "How Long Is That" and "How Long Did It Take"  At least we had a good story.

The ride home was into a good stiff headwind but "luckily" we were out there long enough that it started to die down at the end.

This was my wife's longest ride at 118 miles.

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