Sunday, July 10, 2016

Random Thoughts in 100+ Miles

So, my wife and I have been doing a century/weekend for her Ironman training and she's started to taper.  This week I was going to ride 60 with her then finish up a century on my own.  With the rain we got a late start so I rode my own pace so I'd get home before dark.  100 miles gives you a lot of time to think.  Most of these went through my head as names for my ride.

- Holy Shit, Holy Shit - Wooden bridges are slippery when wet. (Saw my skin flash before my eyes)

- Fuck this ride, it's raining and I could just turn home.

- Tour riders are really strong.

- Mile 27 to mile 55 are taking for-ever. 

- Aero bars rock into a headwind.

- Fuck this ride, it's raining again and I could just turn home.

- This isn't the most unpleasant century I've ridden but it's a close second. 

- Does it make people in pickup trucks feel good to be assholes? 

- You got this segment, just don't blow up.

- I should not try 5 back to back segments on a 100 mile ride.

- I should eat fewer cookies.

- I'm going to eat a cookie tonight... with ice cream.

- Am I helping my legs or hurting them. 

- Maine needs to pave their roads more often. 

- Wow litterbugs drink a lot of Fireball.

- Thanks Scott B for selling me this awesome bike at price I couldn't refuse.

- These last 14 miles suck.

- My knees hurt.

- Most people train all year for a ride this long and need 6 rest stops, I just did it with 3 granola bars some water, an Arizona iced tea and 2 iced coffees.  

- My bike is really dirty.

- I should check my chain (It was time)

I'm going to wash it as soon as it stops raining.


  1. I thought I was the only one with crazy mental stuff when I'm riding! I'm pretty sure my ride was better than yours. Of course, it was 40 miles shorter.

  2. I think some of those thoughts on a frigging 10 mile ride!