Sunday, June 5, 2016

100 Miles Isn't as Long as it Used To Be

I did my first century ride in 2010.  Previously my rides topped out at about 50.  To be honest, I wasn't sure if I could finish it.  Fast forward 6 years and I have already ridden 2 self supported centuries with my wife this year!  That's what Ironman training will do for you.  I'm signed up for the Loon Echo Trek and The Dempsey Challenge. (<---You can donate now if you want)  I will probably try to fit in a few more including another Workday Century. 

So on to this ride.  The IIT (Ironman In Training) needed to do a 6 hour training ride this weekend.  These things are more fun with friends.  I've had fun planning the long ride routes to places we normally wouldn't drive because it is too far.  Go figure.  This destination was OOB.  The Garmin course feature was great at getting us there on roads I have never been on.  Despite the title of the ride I didn't actually eat any pier fries.Wasn't sure how those would sit for the 53 miles back home.  We stuck with a few granola bars and a Chia Kale Squeeze I probably could have used some more water.

World Famous OOB
Portland Headlight is not showing at its best

Raymond was sunny and 75, everything by the ocean was 60 and clammy with lots of fog

Our ride took us through the "big city" after a short delay

I know you are wondering about the last century.  That brought us to Cousins Island and LL Bean.  This ride wasn't actually planned as a century but once we got to 80 miles we figured, "What the heck."

It was a much nicer day at the ocean.

World Famous L.L. Bean

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