Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Dogs Really Get Excited About Going For A Ride

"Do you want to go for a bike ride?"

Once we got out of the house we headed to Morgan Meadows.  I've never tried biking the narrow trails there.  Other than a few steep climbs that I couldn't make it up and a little riding along the side of a hillside where my cranks kept bashing the slope and trying to send me down into the ravine it was good.
The Cliffs Of Gibraltar

My biggest gripe about those trails is that there is a point between the cliffs and the ridge where the trail disappears.   I'm thinking some trail work would go a long way.

I did find an ATV trail that was pretty fun and ended up on Vogel Rd where I found a tiny plain unfinished house for sale for a mere $180.  I was thinking it might be a bargain if it was $80.

No Driveway, Tiny Windows, Zero Landscaping
No Drywall, No Plumbing, No Electrical, No Insulation..$180?? It's a lot with walls.
Mission accomplished.  
Not so loud now.

Who Needs a Pillow?

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