Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Better Late Than Never - Camping Week

The usual family pilgrimage to River Run Campground had the usual biking trips.  Actually it didn't since we brought the dogs for the first time we were a little more tied to the campground than usual.
Cute Dogs
 One glaring omittance was the ride up Brunt Meadow Mountain.  But I made up for it with a "Ride" up Pleasant Mountain.  I even got the KOM   OK, so it was the best out of 4 but that doesn't mean I wasn't working it.  I got mad kudos from several troops of scouts that I passed on my "Road Bike".
It was like a cross race but the runup was the top 1/2 of the mountain.
I'm not sure how many people have a picture like this.
  I had planned to ride longer to climb Douglass Hill but no, it was a hot day and I was wiped.  I actually stopped at a house where somebody was watering his plants and begged a water bottle refill.  He was nice, I got ice and everything.

The week was filled with more dog friendly activities like a hike up Mount Cutler
Tired Dogs
It was hot that day too.
Thursday was the biggest ride of the week.  Mrs Candid Cyclist and I set out for a gravel grinding adventure.  Not having a computer I was guessing at the distance.  I was guessing somewhere between 40 and 80 miles, I didn't try to guess too accurately because the ride seemed right.  We planned the route over gravel roads with a few landmarks from the Maine Gazetteer

First Stop, The Hemlock Covered Bridge. 
You can see my turn-by-turn directions here, old school.
The next stop was Kezar Falls Gorge.  I'd never heard of this spot and almost didn't find it.  I only wish it was 10+ degrees warmer while we were there so we could have gone down in to swim.  It was hard to catch the scale in the pictures.  Entry into the gorge was by swimming only and it seemed like it would be an amazing place.
Really cool gorge.  Don't ask me how to find it, just look for the part of the ride where we doubled back.

Top of Kezar Falls Gorge looking down.
From the gorge we took a gravel road that went up and over some mountain.  In all we went over 70 miles, probably half of in on dirt and even more than that on quiet roads, it was lovely.  And by the end we were TIRED.  About 50 miles in my wife learned a lesson in proper fueling for a ride.  Once she got the tank off empty her quickly waning average speed doubled.  Here's where we went:

Gravel Grinding Unknown Adventures

Somewhere on our ride, Walkers Rips I think.
Top of Burnt Meadow (Hiking)  ((With Dogs))

I hate to be the one posting too many pictures of my dogs but she is so friggin cute

There was kayaking too

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