Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015 Felt F2X - Mini Review

Honestly, I was happy with my 2013 F4X.  It was my favorite bike out of 8 and I had no intention of replacing it before at least 3 others.  Well...
First Day On The New Ride
 Di2 - Wasn't something I thought I needed but I'm getting use to it FAST.  I shift more on this bike than I ever did because it is so easy to keep adjusting. We have tons of rolling hills at grades up to 20% if a few spots, I shift a lot.

Shimano R785 Ice Tech Brakes - OMG! none of my other disk brake bikes stop like this.  I swear you can go from 20 to 0 on gravel in 20 feet.  This is the one upgrade that I was interested in.  Diving down some of the big hills around here is was done a slower speeds to make sure I could stop when I needed to.

FSA SL-K Light Crank: This is my first carbon crank, again, something I didn't think I needed.  BUT, (sorry for this humble brag) on some sprints and short climbs I can really feel the difference in stiffness.  Some of it is the frame I'm sure.  The F4X was also a very stiff bike with very little flex but this one is incrementally better.

DT Swiss Wheels: No complaints, they fell a little stiffer than the Felt branded wheels on the F4X but nothing significant.

Overall Build: Again, small upgrades over the old bike.

Ride:  On gravel roads this bike is fast, firm and confident. On roads it handles almost exactly like a road bike except when the pavement turns to shit on a 45MPH descent - it doesn't matter at all. 

Overall Opinion: I paid EXACTLY twice as much as I paid for the 2013 F4X.  Is it twice the bike?  No way.  But that's the way the bike price structure works.  The F4X was a very strong, race capable bike that never gave me any problems.  Having had time on both, would I save myself $1500 and keep riding the old bike if I had the choice to make over?  Nope.  Really, and I mean it this time.  I won't replace this bike until I have worn it out. 'cause I want a new fat bike & road bike & mountain bike

This fall I'm going to fit it with some road tires and take it on multiple charity rides like these:

Now That's a Cyclocross Barrier.
For Sale: One well loved 2013 Felt F4X, 60 cm, excellent condition, new tires.  $1400

Felt Bicycles, if you are listening, I'd gladly write a more in depth review of a 2016 F2 in exchange for riding it for a year.  It would be compared against an older Scott, CR1 so I'm sure the review would be quite positive.

Scott Bicycles, if you are listening, if Scott were to get me 2016 Scott Foil Team (or similar) I'd gladly not review the 2016 F1.

Specialized Bicycles, if you are listening........

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  1. I'm glad to see that you don't have any buyers remorse. You didn't even mention how pretty it is! Pistachio!