Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

Forgive me Dog, it has been 7 weeks since my last post. 

Not to taunt all of those people in California that have boxes of instant water on the shelf and nothing to add to it.  But I passed 7 lakes on my commute in to work, 3 of which had some good photo ops.  Actually some of them were ponds.  But I'm not clear on the whole pond/lake distinction because some of the ponds I passed were much larger and deeper than some of the lakes I passed. 
Crescent Lake

Tripp Pond
Range Pond, Upper to be exact

Miraculously, I was able to walk through the door at 7:58 after stopping to take all these pictures.  If you ignore the time to shower I was on time. (If you don't I was still at my desk at 8:10)  I also had a failed attempt at a muddy mountain road, maybe next time after a few days without rain.

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  1. It was quite and exceptional morning to be out on a bike. You took a beautiful route. I only passed one lake on my commute, but it was lovely! And...I was on time for work.