Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

Usually I use this title as an excuse to post a picture of a nice sunrise but inspiration comes in many forms.  Today it came in the form of a nice craft beer.  OK, a beer.  OK, almost a beer.  But it was chilled to about 40 degrees in the crisp morning air.  It's not everyday you find your breakfast by the side of the road.
Bud Light

In unrelated news.  We took a 30 mile ride around the Pirate Tri bike course on Sunday.
Top of Quaker Ridge.  The view is great without those huge heads in the way.


  1. Huge heads with bats on them! Almost as fun to look at as a the view they are blocking.

  2. Is it still a domestic beer if you find it out in the wild?