Monday, April 14, 2014

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

Oh what a difference a week makes.  Last week at this time I did a full trail commute over the lake and snowy trails. 

Today, just one week later, the snow is almost gone the lake is opening up and it is supposed to be near 70!

This morning was not 70, it was about half 70.  I didn't care, I was in shorts anyway.  It was also super foggy. 
The little lump to the left of the tower is the top of a hill peaking out of a cloud.

I hadn't planned to climb Hackers Hill but that was the only place to catch the sunrise and what a sunrise it was.
Too bad they built a house in the prime sunrise spot.


  1. Wow, just watched that video-- that is some varied terrain! What do you do when the lake is no longer frozen? At what point do you make the assumption it is no longer safe to ride on it?

  2. Hey Jake, thanks for reading, watching. I have a route around the lake. I usually switch over to road bikes or I can take a mix of roads and trails in the summer after mud season. I've been going out on lakes for years and you get to understand them. Usually the shores open up first so you just can't get out onto the still solid ice. You can see that at just about 1:18 into that video.

    1. I've only been out on a frozen lake to cross-country ski-- riding a bike across a lake is something I'd like to experience some day.

    2. It ranges from awesome:

      to soul sucking:
      depending on the day.

      The pristine ice with studded tires is a blast riding around and over islands and around the rocks on the shore. I made a strava segment that will have the summer bikers scratching their heads.