Friday, October 4, 2013

Eight Bikes in Eight (Calendar) Days

This probably doesn't entertain anybody but me.  Since 7 Bikes In 7 Days I've added another bike which totally changes things.  For one, I have more bikes than there are days in the week.  OK, maybe that's it.  But I have 8 bikes now and I need to show them all love.

Friday, September 27 - GT Sensor 9er Elite.  The ride in was an awesome pre-dawn trail commute that I got to share with my wife and the ride home was an all out race through the trails.  That Sensor can move!
Saturday, September 28 - Scott CR1 Comp.  I rode this bike in the 60 mile "Not Dead Yet" ride to support the Cancer Community Center in Portland.  It was a nearly perfect day for a ride.  We started out en-masse and the whole group stuck together for most of the ride.  At each rest stop we dropped off a few more riders.  I was sticking to the back of the pack just enjoying the ride.  By the last rest stop we had lost all but myself and 2 other riders.  By the end of the ride I hadn't dismounted my bike for the whole 62 miles and we had averaged 20mph!

Saturday, September 28 - Felt F4X. This is where the calendar days part comes in.  I took off to meet my wife who was running back from the event.  Since I expected to hit some dirt roads I took the Felt.

Sunday, September 29 - Rest Day

Monday, September 30 - Surly Pugsley.  This was another early morning trail commute with my wife.  I hadn't taken the fatbike out in a while and it would keep our speeds similar.  It was also the first ride on the bike with my cheap heavy suspension seat post which has just about the same give as the aging disks in my back but is much easier to replace.  The ride home was really slow but I did find a freshly cut trail that adds an interesting mile to the trails!

Tuesday, October 1 - Univega Viva Sport.  I knew I would be carpooling to the hospital in the afternoon to see my new niece and this bike comes apart pretty easy.

Wednesday, October 2 - GT Sensor 1.0.  I really like this bike too.  I took the new trail because I couldn't help myself...In both directions.  I think I saw deer in 7 different places (not pictured)
Thursday, October 3 - Bridgstone MB-3.  This was the day that I decided to go for 8 in 8.  This probably wouldn't have been my choice of bike otherwise.  It's kind of slow and heavy and it felt that way.  The fact that the back tire only had about 20 psi didn't help.  This one will make a bigger appearance as the weather turns foul. 

Friday, October 4 - Surly Cross Check.  Rounding out the 8 in 8 week.  I made sure to pump up the tires before I set out.  I still felt a little slow but I think that's just me.  This is normally my rain bike but it hasn't rained here in about 2 weeks.

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