Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Bikes in 7 Days

How does this differ from Seven Bikes in Seven  Commutes?  Well, most obviously the sevens (7s) are numeric instead of being spelled out.  The other difference is that the days were consecutive so I could have also tied it to a week although it was a week that ran from Thursday to Wednsday.  The order was changed too.

Thursday: The Cross Check came out for a post rain foggy commute.   For something different I pounded my self through the trails for the ride home.

Friday: I took the Viva Sport for an easy road commute before my 5K, so easy in fact that I put it in the back of a car for the trip home.

Saturday: I took the Sensor 9er for a 8 mile ride as a warm-up for my 5K which seemed to work pretty well because I got a new PR of 22:41.  After that I drove to some sweet single track that made me feel good about my riding skills which was followed by some technical single track that made me feel like "YOU SUCK".

Sunday: Wesley and I went out for a few miles.  I took the Pugsley, he beat me on foot.

Monday: Rainy days are made for bikes with big fenders - The Bridgestone AKA, The Tank

Tuesday: Despite the chance of rain I took for CR1 for a speedy ride both to and from work with an average speed of 20.3mhp for both rides with only slight dampness.

Wednesday: The half a week of rain made this not the best day for a mountain bike ride but I was already at 6 bikes in 6 days so I had to.  Actually, I didn't have to on the way in because I carpooled so I wouldn't show up to work a mud ball.  The ride home was muddy but not too bad.  There would be an action video here:  ---  If my phone battery wasn't stone dead.

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