Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring In Maine

Spring has sprung!  Which means that the snowfall amounts are getting lower.  It's not like snow in April is unheard of but most people are just sick of it this year.  My neighbor must not be sick of it because he was out at 5:00AM snow blowing the 8 feet of driveway between the garage and the street.  It's not like they were going to get stranded in their house since it should all melt by tomorrow.  Anyway, being awake, I got a chance to take a slow ride to work in the snow.  If all the pictures look about the same it's because most of the ride looked about the same.  This really, probably, possibly, maybe definitely, certainly might have been my last trip across Little Sebago this year season year(on a bike).  The lake better not freeze before December 31, 2015, that would be a cold December.
Took the road for part of the ride so I could get to work in time.

You can see we still have a few snow banks.


Took the trail for part of the time because I could.


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