Thursday, April 2, 2015

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

This ride will never be repeated.  Of course no 2 rides are ever exactly the same but this one goes a step further.  The crusty snow made it possible to ride anywhere in the woods so at times, that's what I did.  I got to a point and pointed my bike in the direction of work and rode over hill, over dale and into creeks.  The last part was less intentional...thin ice.  Indecently, mechanical disk brakes freeze solid when wet at 15F.  Speaking of 15F, it's April 2nd for cripe sakes.  The start of my ride was blessed with some amazing views.



Once I crossed the lake the fun began.

Free Range Commuting
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  1. This is awesome! Love the sunrise, saw it in real time while running. The video is so cool. Love the free range, and the corn field. Sweet!

  2. Do you have a compass or anything to orient you in the right direction, or do you just eyeball it, so to speak. Also, beautiful sunset, hope that snow clears up for you soon.

  3. No Compass. I generally know which trails and roads I am between so I just aim in the direction I think I should be headed. It is fun to pop out of the woods and see where you ended up. That's over now. We went from 15F mornings last week to 70 degree F days the last few. Spring showed up all at once. The lake is not safe anymore. It may be safe for a few more days but I'm not volunteering to be the tester.