Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Raymond Riders

General information for a group of riders out of Raymond, ME.  I wasn't the originator of this group but seemed to pick up the roll of informal organizer in an attempt to keep it going week after week. The group was started by friends preparing for The Loon Echo Trek

Top of Quaker Ridge

  • What: A "weekly" road ride in the Sebago Lake Region in Maine
  • Time: Saturday Mornings @ 8:00A (Sunday Morning by arrangement some weeks due to rain or schedule conflicts) 
  • Location: Jordan Small School Parking Lot (Sheri Gagnon Memorial Park by arrangement some weeks)
  • Distance: Usually 20 mile rides in the spring building to 60+ mile rides in the fall.  Longer rides usually have one snack stop.  BYOS
  • Pace: 16-20mph depending on the course
  • Ability: All.  If you are able to do the distance, the group will  periodically wait for slower riders to catch up.
  • Course: Varies by week. All "paved" rods. 
  • Goal: To get people together to enjoy a ride.  To train for Loon Echo & Other events.  To exercise, To get together and yack about bikes. As one rider put if, "If they'd move their legs as fast as their lips we'd go faster".  This isn't (usually) a high paced group ride but more of a brisk social ride.
  • Rules:  In general, we try to follow the rules of the road.  Stop at stop signs and red lights, use hand signals & ride to the right when there is traffic.  "Idaho Stops" are certainly the norm when no cars are around.
  • Organization: Specifics of each week are sent out in an email list.  If you are a local rider and would like to be included, leave a comment and I'll add you to the list.
  • Strava: I usually generate the routes on Strava.  You don't need an account to see them but it's a great way to share rides and it's free. The Candid Cyclist on Strava
  • Legal:  This is America after all.  All Riders Ride At Their Own Risk.

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