Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Year End Review

I can't ride my bike right now but I can still post about it.  

2013 was a big year for biking, surprise, surprise.  Let's see, I got a new fat bike and I broke my collar bone on my new fat bike.  I guess we'll call that even.  And then there was the new cross bike!  The bike that just wants to go fast.  But I wasn't the only one to add to my bike collection.  My wife added a new full suspension MTB and a lightweight road bike to her fleet, bringing the total number of bikes between us to...12 (not counting the antique).  That also led us to make a pact that no new bikes would be bought in 2013.  It was the 3rd of January when I got the email reminding me that it was a new year with a link to a cross bike she thought might be good for her.  Somebody's got the bug.

Other than adding bikes, I added events.  2013 was my first endurance mountain bike race and my first cycling leg in a sprint triathlon.  And I moved up to 3rd place overall in The Great Adventure Challenge (Not counting teams because they suck and ignoring the fact that I was on a team in the Pirate Tri)

.  I rounded out the year with two100 mile rides The Loon Echo Trek & The Dempsey Challenge
My "training" consisted mostly of commuting of which I did over 4500 miles for a total yearly mileage of  5452 miles.  Down a little from last year but I'd like to think they were higher quality miles.  With 8 bikes you might say, "Why do you need so many bikes, you can't ride them all" and I'd say, "Not True"
  • Uvivega, 946 miles, a nice showing for the old steed.
  • Cross Check, 1337 miles,before this year this was the new bike so it got a lot of miles.
  • GT Sensor 9er, 667 miles, OK, this was also the new bike so it got quite a few.
  • Bridgstone, 416 miles, gets the award for the least miles but this is the go-to bike in the worst weather.
  • GT Sensor 1.0, 540 miles, not bad considering it was in the shop a lot.
  • Scott, 579 miles, mostly on centuries and races.
  • Pugsley, 510 miles, these miles should count triple, especially the 3 I rode with the broken bone.
  • Felt CX bike, 457 miles, considering I only had this a few months this is a lot.

So what's up for 2014?  Well, I am registered for a fat-bike race but my participation may depend on my healing progress.  I'm also signed up for the Pirate Tri as an individual because teams do suck.  I'll be healed for that one.  Otherwise, I'll probably do all the usual events.  It will also be the year to have fun with Strava with my new Garmin.  A little late to the Strava party but hey, I'm having fun with it.

I'm going to see if I can go the year without adding another bike to the stable.  Notice I said adding, replacing isn't off the table.

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  1. A great year for biking indeed! Nice stats! Every bike got some love. I like how you say you are going to "see if I can go the year without adding another bike" like it's somehow out of your control. I am willing to make no such effort. Seriously, amazing job! Glad to be sharing in your biking world! Got the bug!