Friday, May 10, 2013

Seven Bikes in Seven Commutes

As a followup to "How Many Bikes..." I decided to ride them all back to back.  I've got them, might as well ride them.  For all but one this was the first ride of the year or the first ride of the year without studs.

  • #1 My 29er was freshly back from the shop with a working shock so I took off the studded tires and took the trails to work.
  • #2 I took the Cross Check.  Nothing special here since it's been my goto bike for every commute for weeks.  Or is it something totally special because obviously this is the bike of choice?
  • #3 I let my friends on MTBR choose which of my 7 bikes I should ride.  The participation was a little lower than I expected but they chose the CR1 with the runner up of the Pugsley.  It was fun to get the fast bike back on the road again.
  • #4 I decided I'd take the runner-up from the interactive commuting experiment and also formed the idea to ride a different bike every day.  This was my first trip out on the fatbike on non-winter singletrack.  I like it.  The bouncy ride isn't friendly to my back but that's not to say it wasn't fun.  The 7 miles of riding on the road with this bike were actually not too fun.  There, I said it.
  • #5 With rain in the forecast I decided to take the last mountain bike in the lineup before the trails got muddy.  The FS 26er remains my favorite trail bike.
  • #6 A rainy day with a ride to a meeting at the end of it calls for "The Tank".  
  • #7 Time to bring out my old friend.  Viva la Univega!

As it turns out, I enjoy riding them all.  Right now if I had to get rid of one it would be the 29er and if I got to keep only one it would be the Cross Check but luckily I don't have to.  I enjoy riding other bikes better than the CC but it's just so damn versatile.

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