Thursday, July 13, 2017

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

AKA Random Bike Pictures

These are from early morning.
Babbs Bridge

I think they re-build it every 4 years
I must admit I considered a swim.  Maybe next time when I'm not late.
This is a great local swimming spot but jumping from the bridge is forbidden.  Every few years a hole gets cut in the side so people can jump from it.  I think the town should just give up, create a jumping platform and be done with it. The rope swing, however, is quite a ride.  This was from last weekend.
That's me in the air.

In other news I rode most of the way home with a Woody in my shorts the other day.  Get your head out of the gutter.  I found him on the side of the road and he needed to get back to Andy.
Image result for down arrow
Image result for down arrow

He's been lying around the house all floppy.  We're wondering what happens when we aren't watching.


  1. Great pictures! I love the old wood bridges. The closest one to me ends up being a 50 mile round trip: Swartz Bridge Loop.

    1. There are a few around Maine and NH. There's another one in this post. We have a non-covered wood hand operated swing bridge close by too. VERY slippery when wet. I came in hot on the bike, hit the brakes and almost bought it! (

      Thanks for reading.