Monday, January 2, 2017

Year End Review 2016

I've said it before but I might not be able to say it again.  This was my biggest year to date.  Seven Thousand and Seventy Four miles.   Here, it is even better in pictures thanks to

2016 included 15 century rides nearly every weekend all summer. The longest being a 153 mile ride in lake placid which included Whiteface Mountain. Epic Lake Placid Oh, and my wife became an Ironman, that was pretty cool too.

Bikes Bikes Bikes.  Buy them, sell them, trade them.  I replaced my 2010 road bike with a MUCH newer 2011 model that was a few notches up.  Toward the end of the summer I was thinking I might want to get a 27.5+ bike.  Just thinking about it.  And then, like magic I owned one. 
I'm pretty sure that bike is the best of all worlds for a mountain bike.  I liked it so much I bought my wife one.

Races, I did a few.  By the grace of not having anybody show up that was faster than me I took first place overall at The Great Adventure Challenge

The fall charity rides went as planned, with my wife and I raising around $2000 for different causes.

 Two days into 2017 and I've already gone 0 (zero) miles.  I got a cold for Christmas.

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