Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year End Review - 2014

 I did it, as promised, I went a full year without buying (myself) any new bikes.  It actually wasn't that difficult because my bike collection is pretty complete.  That's not to say I wouldn't trade out a few for better bikes (bucksaw) but I'm fairly content with them.  SO, lets see what happened this year.

My total mileage was 5562, probably a little higher for some miles lost in the ether.  I dumped my usual spreadsheet and let Strava keep track of everything for me, Much easier but I do miss my notes like "First Lake Crossing"  Speaking of Strava I was surprised to see that I got all of my KOMs in 2014, and then I realized, I didn't use Strava before that.  It seems like it's been forever.

I seem to have a set number of miles that I ride per year and it is right around 5500.
2014 - 5562
2013 - 5452
2012 - 5853

Bike By Bike Breakdown

Bridgstone: 297 mi
The bad weather, go-to bike didn't get the miles it use to because there were so many other options but none the less it got used.  If there is the potential for ice and I'm not on the trails, this is the bike I ride.

Cross Check     586 mi
Oh, not the newest bike in the stable anymore.  This bike went from over 2000 miles in 2012 to over 1300 miles last year and now it's dropped to a mere 586.  I did just order some new parts to replace some aging components, maybe it will breath some new life into the old steed.

Felt    2138 mi
The current favorite.  It's also the bike with the highest retail price that I own, coincidence?  This year I substantially improved my standing in the Downeast Cyclocross race on this little pony.  Other than that it got used for pretty much everything including climbing mountains.  And climbing more mountains.

Pugsley     332 mi
The bike I love to hate or is that hate to love.  I want to ride this bike, this bike is fun to ride.  Yet, some days I come home feeling like I've been in a bar fight after riding it.  But I've already talked about that. I did race my first Fatbike Race on the Pigsley and am signed up to do it again.  Voted most likely to get replaced.

Scott     1,103.2 mi
This bike actually gained a few miles this year.  Mostly thanks to Strava.  It's the fastest and lightest bike I own so it's the go-to bike for attempting KOMs.  It also came out for the Loon Echo Trek, my longest ride to date.  Oh, and also my first full Triathlon.

Sensor 1.0     336 mi
Mountain biking seemed to take a hit this year.  I actually like it better than road biking but for some reason it didn't happen much.  The Sensor 1.0 did help me to take 1st place in this years Great Adventure Challenge.

Sensor 9er     297 mi
It looks like I did a good job splitting my time between the 9er and the 6er.  Does that mean it's time for a 650B?

Univega     471.8 mi 
Ah, the old steed.  This bike got to come out and play on some group rides including the Not Dead Yet ride if memory starves.   Not a lot of miles but not a little either.

We did add a few bikes to my wife's collection this year but she had quite a few gaps to fill.  I think I've successfully converted her into a full fledged cyclist since she's logged about 4000 miles of her own.
Here comes 2015...

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