Friday, November 14, 2014

Early Morning Cyclist Inspiration

 First winter storm of the season. My wife said she was going to take a trail ride in and that sounded like a good idea. The wet mushy dirt roads on the way to the trails that sprayed mud in my face didn't seem like  a great idea.

Hard to see the Trail from the Trees
Once I finally got to he trails they were challenging with big clumps of snow that looked like rocks but weren't and smooth sections of snow that looked benign but weren't.  Nothing too bad, just a few pucker moments.
Wet Heavy Snow Was Just  A Little Slow
The real trouble is that the temp was just above freezing and the ground wasn't frozen.  I'm looking for ward to the mornings to come where frozen trails will make for clean woods commutes.
My Bike Gained Some Weight Over The Ride

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