Monday, October 13, 2014

515 Miles in 2 Weeks Might Be a Record for Me

Between my normal commutes, a few long rides around the Cumberland Fair and 3 charity events, that's what I have logged.  The statute of limitations is expiring on this post so I'm going to make it brief. 

Loon Echo Trek

Set out to ride 100 miles.  Got lost. Road 111 miles.  Made some new biking friends from our own town.  Had a beer and some chicken and went home.

Fight Back Festival/Not Dead Yet Ride

$125 Raised. Road with the fast group.  Finished 60 miles in a shade over 3 hours.  Nobody was at the finish line when we crossed.  Had a beer and a hamburger and went home.

The Dempsey Challenge 2014

$1100 Raised.  ($1.1M for the whole event) The weather was perfect.  I road with my wife for the whole event.  Had a beer and a lobster and went home.

Normally I post pictures (the "candid" part) but I don't have any so I am offering a full refund for anybody that feels they were slighted.

OK, now I can post a weekend at Acadia blog.

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