Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Loon Echo Trek, Not Dead Yet & The Dempsey Challenge 2014

This will be my 6th year doing the challenge!  I haven't missed one yet.  With your donations I have raised $7400 to help people struggling with cancer.

But That's Not All!: The charity rides are stacking up!  This year I am riding 260 miles within 8 days.  They are all good causes, click on each link to make a donation for the cause of your choice.   I typically promote the Dempsey challenge the hardest because I've done it the longest and I I'm trying to collect a jersey for each year I've competed which takes a minimum of $1000 in fundraising.  But this year I'm saying screw the shirt and pick one of these deserving charities to support.  That said, if you are undecided - pick the Dempsey Challenge, 'cause I'd still like the shirt.

Loon Echo Trek 

Supports land conversation for public use for current and future generations. If you're ever hiked Pleasant Mountain you have benefited from Loon Echo!  They also manage thousands of acres of land available for public use.  Thank You Loon Echo!

Fight Back Festival

The fight back festival is a major fundraiser for The Cancer Community Center in Portland.  The work the community center does is very similar to The Dempsey Center without the backing of a Hollywood star! The Cancer Community Center Serves the Portland Area and The Dempsey Center Serves the Lewiston/Auburn area.

The Dempsey Challenge

Everybody knows this one.  More info at the bottom of the page.



Here's a summary of years gone by:
  • Year - Mileage - Bike - Amount Raised 
  • 2009 - 50 - Univega Viva Sport - $840
    • My first BIG group ride, pretty exciting!  I was so cute back them, I thought this ride was long.
  • 2010 - 100 - Univega Viva Sport  - $2550
    • My first century, also exciting!  Even though I have been biking more I had never ridden this far and was a little worried about riding for that long.  I was pretty proud to be riding it on my almost 30 year old bike. This was also the year I lost my dad to cancer
  • 1011 - 100 - Scott CR1- $1660
    • My fastest century, still exciting.  This was the year I set out to see how fast I could go.  I remember the temps hitting near 90 in October.
  • 1012 - 100 - Surly Cross Check $1220
    • My slowest century, less exciting.  I decided to do the ride on a slower heavier bike this year, pushed it pretty hard and paid the price.  All's well that ends well.
  • 2013 - 100 - Scott CR1-$1130
    • When you start the race with a flat tire there's a good chance it's going to look up from there.
  • 2014 - 100 - Felt F4X? - ???
    • Kelly is going to join me for the 100 mile ride this year.  The plan is to kick back and do it at a slower pace and enjoy the ride and ample rest stops.  Since I'm riding the Not Dead Yet ride the day before that may be mandatory.
The Dempsey Challenge raises money to support The Patrick Dempsey Center For Cancer Hope & Healing.  In most years they raise around $1,000,000 which goes directly to the center which offers free counseling, care & support to anybody impacted by cancer.  Your donations support local people to help make their lives better at a time when they need support the most.  

Thanks for making a difference!

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