Monday, December 16, 2013

First Over The Lake Commute

I set out on Saturday riding the bike with the new Ice Spiker Pro Evo tires and a backpack full of skates and an ice axe (AKA roofing hammer).  Of course, when I say full, I mean 2 'cause they're big.  The lake had sections of ice that had been frozen for a while and sections that had just frozen within the past few days.  The old ice was plenty thick.  The new ice was the kind of pure black ice with no bubbles or cracks that makes it look like open water.  At first rode around the old sections on the bike surveying the situation.  On the back side of an island I traded my bike for skates and started hacking test holes in the pure ice.  I found a good 3" of pure black ice in every hole.
Skating and riding was PERFECT.

After some skating around I traded the skates for the bike again and rode my normal route across the lake to make sure it was all solid.  I must say, the Ice Spiker tires really bite into the ice.  Sharper turns would produce some slippage but overall they gave an extremely confident feel and that totally satisfying sound that they were clawing into the ice.

Unfortunately, my reconnaissance mission was necessary because 24 hours later the lake was covered with a foot of snow.  Determined to get out and try my other new set of tires on the Pugsley (More on that some other time when conditions allow for a good evaluation )  I took the lake route on Monday anyway, knowing I'd be pushing my way across the lake.  I was not disappointed, I had to push my way across the lake.  The camp roads were a pleasant packed powder until I got to treated roads that covered me with a sloppy salty grime.

Mmm Hot Coffee,  My Pants & Jacket Looked Similar.
Those keeping track will notice that I've spent the equivalent of a BMW payment on bike tires.  Good thing all our cars are paid for and they're not BMWs.  Priorities!

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  1. The bike tires get used more than the car tires, so the priorities are well placed...and just way more fun!