Friday, July 26, 2013

The Start Of Something New

Today was a special day for commuting.  Not because it was raining.  Not because it was my 133rd day commuting this year or that I just crossed over 3000 miles.  Not because it is Friday and I may take Monday off.  No, today was special because my wife joined me on my ride in.  More accurately, I think I joined her because she was going to ride in with or without me.  I decided to get up about 1/2 hour earlier and ride in with her.
Looks Familiar

Me a few days ago
She had commuted to work several years ago on commute another way day but has new found interest in biking.  The plan is that she will ride a few times during the week when life doesn't get in the way.  Of the days in the summer to start commuting, this one was kind of bleak but the ride wasn't too bad.  We did the 12.5 miles in about 45 minutes.
I have to share my bike parking.  Plenty of room for 2.
I Love You Biker Girl!


  1. There is nothing quite like sharing your passion of exercise and life with the most important person in the world. Everything about this post makes me happy.

  2. I am sure I couldn't possibly smile any wider! I love you too, Biker Boy! Thank you for the inspiration, support and love!