Friday, June 21, 2013

Dog with Passion, Deer with Passion

I'm finding that our dog Wesley not only loves mountain biking, he needs mountain biking.  He's good for about 3-4 miles of full speed cruising.  Our shoes and furniture really appreciate it. Here are a few brief action shots.

And now for the deer story.  I'm on my mountain bike going down a very steep hill on the road at about 30mph = 44 feet/second = 0.022 seconds/foot. and a frickin big deer bounds out of the woods about 5 feet on front of me.  DOH!  I'll finish the math.  I was about 0.113 seconds from T-boning the crazy woods cow in mid air at high speed.  The best part, wait for it.....I was on Deer Acres Rd at the intersection of Fawn Rd.

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