Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ice, Ice Baby

The trails have been a little challenging this week. Let me just say that these are a lot harder to climb than they look in the pictures.  Yesterday I made it halfway up this flow only to crash and slide back down about 20'.
Both harder and slipperier than a water slide.

Looking down one of the longest flows You can see my bike at the top of the hill.

Closer to my bike you can see the flow continue down the trail.

This view is from the bottom looking back up.  The highest point you can see is where my bike was in the last picture.

The picture definitely doesn't do this one justice.  This flow is terrifying to fide so I don't.  It is about 200' long at up to a 15% grade and the edges are lined with rocks.

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  1. I feel content that I stuck to the road last week. Maybe I'll give a whirl this week.