Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year End Review. - 5853 Miles!!!

Without a doubt my biggest biking year of all time.  I commuted a total of 5218 miles, to save 261 gallons of gas or over $1000 which also adds up to 4958 lbs of CO2 emissions.  Using the standard mileage rate I saved over $2896 which was enough to justify adding 2 new bikes to the fleet, the Surly Cross Check and a 29er Mountain bike.  I commuted 211 days in all or about 91% of my working days.

From oldest to newest the miles I put on each bike were:
Univega - 943, my old favorite gets almost $1000 miles.
Bridgestone - 1611, "The Tank" gets a lot of winter, bad weather miles.
GT 1.0 - 904, Over 900 miles on an off-road bike is a lot!
Scott - 287, Hmm, my lightest, fastest bike seems a little neglected here.
Surly - 2038.6, But the bike I got at the beginning of the year seems to have taken up the slack.
GT 9er - 70, Only 70 miles?  OK, I've only had it a week.

2012 was a year for other firsts too.  My first 5K (and second, and third, and fourth).  My first mini-triathlon, my first off-road triathlon (8th place) and my first cyclocross race (nowhere near 8th place).

I think 2013 will be a year of fewer firsts but I'm going to try to improve the foundations I built in 2012.

Happy New Year

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  1. You're amazing! As Kelly says, "Have fun, be safe!"