Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Five Bikes In Five Days (take 2)

Univega Monday
Took the old friend out for the first ride of the week.  Instead of riding home I made a 37 mile trip to the family garden.

 Bridgstone Tuesday
With the chance of rain it was a good day to dust off the rain bike.  It's only been out a few times all summer.

Surly Wednesday
At this point I decided to go for 5 in 5 so I took the Cross Check which let me use a shortcut that has a few miles of dirt road.

Scott Thursday
I really haven't ridden my lightest and fastest bike much.  I must have turned away from the direct route to work 5 times before deciding if I do it once more I'll be late.

GT Friday
Friday's ride home included a 2 mile singletrack detour at Libby Hill Trails with a friend.  On the way home I had an overly enthusiastic downhill section that resulted in a double pinch flat.  New tube time.

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