Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Bikes In Five Days

Monday - Surly Cross Check, 25 miles.  This was an uneventful commute because I didn't set off the week with a 5 bikes in 5 days attitude.  To take advantage of this bike's strengths I should have taken a route that has some roads, dirt roads and light trails.

Tuesday - Scott CR1, 37 Miles. This is only the second time I’ve had this bike out so far this year.  I took the longer hilly route to work and added a few extra miles on the way home.  Since I’ve been riding my heavier bikes lately this one was a nice change, especially on the hills.

Wednesday – Bridgestone MB-3, 25 Miles.  A rainy day deserves an all-weather bike.  The ride in was extra soggy but the ride home was pretty dry.  Out of all my bikes this one probably gets the most use even though it is also the heaviest and slowest.  

Thursday – Univega Viva Sport, 29 Miles.  My old friend.  This bike could be one of my best purchases in life.  It's nearly 30 years old that can still hang with the big boys on a group ride.  It’s the energizer bunny of bikes.  

Friday – GT Sensor 1.0, around 22 Miles.  I can’t be sure because the cable to the speedo broke and I can’t estimate my trail mileage on google maps.  The trails were a little sloppy for the ride in since I can’t show up at work a mud ball.  But I decided to do them anyway to round out my 5 bikes / 5 days week.  This picture isn't from today's ride.  The bike is muddier and parked outside.

  Now for your enjoyment, 2:30 seconds of vertigo inducing heavy breathing:

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